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SANDWEESH in Old town, Saginaw, MI

Build your own!

Sandweesh has the traditional Mediterranean flavors like Chicken Shawarma, Lamb Gyro and Falafel, but how you put it all together is your choice! Order up a Basmati Rice Bowl, Pita Wrap or salad and experiment with your taste buds! Not to worry, we won't let you make a mistake as our servers will guide you through making your meal  a tasty one! 

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Food from all over the Mediterranean!

When we think of Mediterranean Food, we tend to think of Italy, France, Spain and Greece, but the Sea named for being considered the middle (Medi-) of the earth (-terranean), has much more to offer including Middle Eastern and the largest land mass on the Sea - North African, which features lean cuts of meat with bursts of flavor you'll love! Pictured is our own Lamb Africano wrap with seasoned curly fries and a Moroccan Hot sauce made with red pepper chili paste and coconut milk. It's our special blend of Harissa.