Every Friday at Sandweesh is Falafel Friday!

HEALTHY - FRESH  Mediterranean food

Heading to work, school, the gym? Take a quick stop & grab a bite to eat!

About Us

Quick Bites

We know it's tough to get out of the office for a long lunch. We're good at getting you quality food, fast. You can grab something cold from the fridge, or order hot food from the counter.


Casual shouldn't mean stale or processed food options. Great taste and fresh flavor is what we strive to give our customers and we're committed to stepping up to the plate. Fresh Halal meats as well as hand picked produce gets delivered everyday we're open to give our customers the very best in healthy & delicious eating options. We also add a little love to every dish! 

Join the TEAM!

SEND US A MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK WITH THE SUBJECT - "Join Team Sandweesh." We're always looking for those wanting to know more about the food they eat as well as be a part of our family that takes pride in serving our community!